Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

28 Dec

Everybody needs to do their part to contribute towards making the earth a much better place. One way to do this in a very practical way is right in your backyard. Here are a few tips about the best way to create an environmentally friendly and a beautiful  lawn in  Dallas/Fort Worth region.

The temperature and annual rainfall in this portion of the country can make landscaping your yard quite challenging. The heat and dryness that prevails during the summer months can also come in the way of growing some plants which thrive in cooler and climates. Your very best bet would be to grow native plants which are well adapted to the climate and soils of North Texas. Some of the plants that perform well in dry regions is the buffalo grass. This plant requires very little water. Plants that are native to a dry region usually require little water for their survival. The indigenous plants tend to enjoy the very climate which the non-native plants have trouble growing in. After you seed your yard, select a variety of plants that can go for days without water. These are referred to as drought-resistant plants  and can be  found in your local home improvement store. Know more about lawn care at this website http://hydrotechoftexas.net/.

Better Plants for Dallas /Fort Worth  Area.

Lots of Plants will probably be right at home in the climatic and soil conditions of North Texas. Best Known for attracting hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, Bee Balm is a fantastic choice for Dallas/Fort Worth region. A nursery may be another source of advice about what to plant in your area. Fruit trees are also a great option for this particular region as well as pecan trees which are famous  for their nuts.

Some of the flowers come in various colors including burgundy, pink, lavender, and white. Daylilies are also a great choice for your Dallas area. These are bigger flowers with six petals. The color of flowers ranges from pale yellow to dark red. Some  varieties of daylilies only flower in the morning while others stay open until evening depending on the type of flower and the location it is grown in.

Look for new Watering Strategies.

When watering your yard, it is crucial to try to water it in an environmentally friendly way. You can save water, save cash, and still have a lovely yard all at once. For large gardens, it's advisable to use drip irrigation. Using other hand watering methods such as a sprinkler and watering is not advisable. This is due to lots of water loss through evaporation. Drip irrigation serves as a reliable water source for your plants with minimal loss of water.

A second way of conserving water is through harvesting rainwater. Some people either create their own rain barrel, or they purchase a rainwater harvesting system at http://hydrotechoftexas.net/. It's  good to realize how much water can be obtained even in one rainy afternoon. These are both excellent options for maintaining a healthy while saving money and conserving water.

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